April 26, 2020 Third Sunday of Easter

Hi Everyone,

This Sunday we start with the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples as they travel on a road. Under the story there are some discussion questions.

Then there is a craft suggestion from Bronwen and her family including a picture of a finished crafts. May has sent along a great idea for a family craft/activity just below.

As well this week I have included a link to a package of material from Children’s Illustrated Ministry which they are making available to us free of charge.

At the bottom is a link to last week’s Children’s Worship Page and a link to more activities which our storytellers and doorkeepers have offered as ways to help in these long days.

Take Care and Stay Well,

Rev. Peter



I Wonder Questions:
I wonder what the disciples felt before Jesus appeared to them?
I wonder what they thought when Jesus started teaching them?
I wonder why they recognized Jesus when he broke bread with them?
I wonder what the disciples felt when they told the others their news?

This week we invite you to feel strength from God by finding a way to feel close to God, as the two disciples felt when they encountered Jesus on the Road to Emmaeus.

Spring is a season of hope, new life, new energy and warmth. No matter how cold and dark the winter has been there is promise for renewal. We too can feel our hearts warmed when we feel close to God by witnessing all of God’s incredible creations in the world. In spring we are reminded that God is all around us, showing us new possibilities and new beginnings.

A nature weaving loom is one way that you can bring some of this hope, this new life and these new beginnings together. You can see below a picture of a nature weaving loom that we made with very new growth in our garden. Perhaps you have other pieces of nature that you can add from your garden. If you would like step by step instruction, try entering “nature weaving loom” in Google.



To remember the story trace and cut out your foot prints. You can colour them with crayons or markers and (with a parents permission and supervision) if you have paint you can step in the paint then onto paper.  Hang the footprints on the fridge, a wall, or somewhere else to remember that we are walking with Jesus and Jesus is walking with us!

The link below is for the Third Week of Easter and includes:

  • Luke 24:13-35 devotional, illustration, and coloring page
  • Children’s worship bulletin
  • A “Thinking of You” coloring page and activity for all ages


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