Fp-St James during this time.

March 17, 2020

This evening the Council of St. James United Church acted to suspend in person worship services for the foreseeable future. The building will be closed but the church email office@stjamesuc.com and voice mail (902-863-2001) will be monitored as staff work from home.

While we are suspending in person worship services the truth is that we continue on as a church. We still have faith in God to be with us in this anxious time and know that our efforts at “flattening the curve” are not simply wise actions but an expression of Christ’s love. By staying home, by self-isolating, we are loving as Christ loves us. As well when we take the time through phone calls and social media to keep in touch with those around us, we are showing that the church is not simply a building or a time we gather but rather the people who follow Christ together.

This is an ever unfolding situation and while we do not know what changes will happen tomorrow we do know that God has led people of faith through anxious times before and will lead us through this time. Please join with me in praying for all who are anxious and worried and all the essential workers who continue to work on our behalf, especially the staff at St. Martha’s.

Let us not fear but rather love one another as Jesus calls us to love.
God Bless You,

Rev. Peter