Ideas for Being at Home

Here are some suggestions to help with the long days as we are staying at home.  

Just for fun:

Theme days

Music day where you create a band with your kids using real instruments, play ones, or good old pots& spoons.

Dress up theme days.

Eating dinner with utensils, not cutlery, spaghetti is always a hit.

Play Human Bingo via email or Facebook with friends and relatives.

Start a little herb garden

More meaningful:

Start a gratitude jar with beads or marbles etc. Every night at dinner think of something you are grateful for, or something that worked out well and put a bead in the jar. The jar will remind you all of the geed things every day.

Play a game where you all agree to do something nice for each other that week/day. At the end of the time you try to guess what it was, usually you realize how many nice things you do for each other every day!

Act out Bible stories!! If you can add food and costumes all the better.

And one more:

In Ireland #CreateDontContaminate is where kids are encouraged – every day or every few days to do something creative. Some options could be: write a poem or story about how you feel being out of school, or find something in your house that looks ordinary and turn it into a musical instrument, or draw a picture of your favourite spring activity. The trick is, they have to share the thing – a picture of the drawing or poem, or a video of them playing the music. And the picture has to be in their home or yard. Showing them staying home to flatten the curve.

Parents can send the thing (via facebook or email) or start a text chain to share the work if they want and it would mean that the kids could still see what their friends are up to.  To that end, one of the things would be to have the kids creatively measure 2 m for social distancing. What does that number mean? So an adult could mark out 2 meters on the floor and they could take pictures of what that is. There are 18 cans of food in 2 meters, or 10 shoes, or my sister and my dog. 

What else?

You can visit a museum

You can visit an art gallery

Thanks to Linda and Christine for these suggestion.. do you have any more? email them to