Links for June 23, 2024

June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, a time for us to learn about the unique cultures, experiences, and traditions of the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis. Have you ever noticed in Voices United that 266 “How Great Thou Art” is also included in Cree, Ojibway, and Mohawk translations? Did you know that the Bible has just been completely translated into Mohawk and that more translations are underway? Being able to read the Bible, sing hymns, and worship in your own language is something that most of us take for granted but for First Nations seeking to reclaim their ancestral languages it can be precious. Language connects to culture, history, and brings communities together. Understanding and knowing a neighbours language (even a few words) is a way to show interest in and support for the Mi’kmaw communities around us.
“Pjila’si” is a Mi’kmaw word loosely translated meaning “Welcome: Come in and sit down”
“Paqtnkek” means ‘by the Bay’ in Mi’kmaw. Which explains the name of Bayside Travel Centre.
Interested in learning a few words Mi’kmaw? Curious what “Pictou” means?
Check our these Links:
 Mi’kmaq atlas reveals secrets behind Nova Scotia place names | CBC News

Your Social Justice Collective invites you to mark the 26th , the International Day in Support of Torture Victims. We must all speak out against the crime of torture, and support victims and survivors throughout the world. Torture seeks to annihilate a victim’s personality and denies the inherent dignity of human beings. Despite the absolute prohibition of torture under international law, torture persists in all regions of the world. “Torturers must never be allowed to get away with their crimes, and systems that enable torture should be dismantled or transformed.” – UN Secretary- General António Guterres

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