Links for March 31, 2024 (Easter Sunday)

The Spring issue of Connections is available in print and online. Thanks to all the contributors who submitted stories and photos.

Youth@Region May 10-12, 2024 ~ Dalhousie Agricultural Campus (Truro, NS) What is YOUTH@REGION? Y@R is a place of community and a place of faith where United Church youth, between grade 6 and grade 12, meet from across Nova Scotia and Bermuda. It takes place during the Annual Meeting of Bermuda-Nova Scotia Regional Council (BNS), which is a gathering of representatives who make decisions and set policies for the United Church of Canada. The group creates an inclusive, diverse and safe community for youth in the name of Christ. Youth@Region provides a place for youth to explore their faith and to learn more about the United Church of Canada while sharing in music, worship and fun in a spirit-filled community. Youth at Region (please speak to Rev. Peter or May before registering)

Your Social justice Committee notes that 4 April is both the International Day for Mine Awareness & Action and National Refugee Rights Day. The former aims to provide a world free of landmines and explosive remnants of war, and to help individuals and communities survive in a safe environment where the needs of the victims are taken care of. The latter’s theme is “Compassion”, and the hope is to create a world where everyone can be more connected by being compassionate toward others. In 2022 NS led Atlantic Canada by accepting 1,370 refugees. Could we do better?