November 18 2018

Sunday, November 18
11:30 am Worship Committee in the Meeting Room.
11:30 am Christian Faith and Development in the Sunday School Room.
5:30 pm There will be once again a community potluck. Cultural Connections Antigonish is thrilled to be partnering with the StFX Islamic Studies students to offer a Middle Eastern themed evening. This is a welcoming time and a chance to absorb some music and other activities from that interesting part of the world. Family friendly, just bring a dish to share so there’s enough to go around. St James Hall at 5:30.

Tuesday, November 20
10:00 am Bible Study in the Parlour,
11:00 am Tuesday Hot Meal in the Hall.
3:00 pm The Meditation Group meets Multi Purpose Room. For more information, call Fran at 902 863 3546.
7:00 pm Church Council gathers in the Meeting Room

Wednesday. November 21
11:00 am United Church Worship at the RK MacDonald Nursing Home. Everyone is welcome.
2:00 pm The Seniors’ Fellowship will welcome Brian MacLeod who has agreed to join us and be our guest speaker this month. Refreshments will be served. Please feel welcome to participate.

Thursday, November 22
11:00 am Thursday Hot Meal in the Hall.
6:30 pm Senior Choir Practice

Sunday, November 25
10:30 am Wel gather around the table and celebrate the Lord’s Supper on “Reign of Christ” Sunday..
11:30 am U.C.W. Planning Meeting in the Meeting Room
11:30 am Trustees and Property will meet in the Parlour
2-4 pm Family Square Dance in the Hall. No experience necessary and everyone is welcome. Basic step dance instruction will be provided.. Freewill donation to benefit World Wildlife Federation Species Adoption will be welcomed.

Sunday, December 2
4:00 pm Advent Family Potluck in the Hall. Family, Food Fun. Please bring a food item to share and to avoid a lot of time in the kitchen, bring your own dishes (just like going on a picnic). It saves a lot of clean up time. For more information please call the Hospitality Committee.

Friday, December 7
6:30pm The closing worship service for Pictou Presbytery at Sharon St. John United Church, Stellarton . As of December 31, 2018, Pictou Presbytery (and Maritime Conference) will cease to exist and our pastoral charges will become part of Region 15; Nova Scotia and Bermuda. Honoring the life, work and ministry of our presbytery as we bring it to a close is important. As people of faith, we mark such times of transition with ritual and by gathering together to share in fellowship and worship, acknowledging that amidst all the changing seasons of life, we are not alone. You are invited to join us on for fellowship and food (sandwiches and sweets) at 6:30. Worship will follow at 7:30pm. Please let your minister know if you are planning to attend so that we can be prepared. All are welcome!

From the Archives: A binder containing notes, etc., depicting the organization of the GWCTD events from its inception in 2007 to 2014 has been placed in the Archives. A binder detailing events held & other pertinent information relating to Seniors’ Fellowship since its inception in 2008 to 2017 is now stored in the Archives. Marlene Groenenburg is your go-to person for help in finding them.

Gifts with Vision Our Congregation has multiple copies of Gifts with Vision: A Gift-Giving Catalogue from the United Church of Canada for all of us to use and share. The United Church developed the gift catalogue in response to member requests to be able to give gifts to support that support the church’s Mission and Service partners. Gifts are available in a range of dollar amounts and include projects here in Canada and around the world many different areas of need (hunger, shelter, education, health, safety, mobility, and more). An online copy of the gift catalogue can be found at

The Promise Bursary is a $100 award from the Pine Hill Divinity Hall, given to a person whose congregation has recognized in her or him significant promise for leadership within The United Church of Canada in the future. Nominations are submitted in the form of two letters from members of the congregation detailing the contributions of the nominee. The deadline for nominations is Dec 1st. See more information on the bulletin boards, talk to Rev. Peter or email the office for more details.

A Note from Linda Darwish: Cecilia Ockling was a Coady participant from Ghana in 2011 and attended St. James on a regular basis. You might remember her bright smile. We have kept in close touch over the years. A couple of months ago, her only son (35 yrs. old) had kidney failure, requiring numerous medical procedures, including dialysis twice weekly, blood transfusions, lab tests, medical reviews, medications, and more. Finally, he needs a kidney transplant, which can be done only in India or the UK, requiring many additional expenses. Cecilia and her family do not have the means to pay for all of these expenses. She devotes all her salary to his care and has raised about $3000 in donations. But she needs 10s of thousands more. I agreed to help her raise some financial support. If you can help, any amount will be very much appreciated. I will happily accept your donations and send them to her after the end of November.

Friday, November 30 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Join St Martha’s Auxiliary at the Claire Marie Gathering Place. Featuring delicious Seafood Chowder, Attic Treasures, Bake and Fudge Tables, silent auction, seasonal decorations and gifts. Admission is free. Proceeds to St. Martha’s Auxiliary funds for equipment for St. Martha’s Hospital (part of the Nova Scotia Health Authority). Stewardship in our Christian Life

The Bible reminds us that God has richly blessed us in our lives. God gives us time to live our lives, to grow and learn, to be friends and family together. And God asks us to share our time, talents, and treasures.

All of us have time we can share. So consider how you are spending your time within St. James and the wider community and ask yourself “How can I faithfully offer my time?” Sharing your time might mean being part of a committee or group in the church. Or it might mean giving some time at noon to help out at the Hot Meal. Or being part of the prayer circle, prayer shawl ministry, or even the Sunday School leadership.

All of us have talents we can share. So consider how you are using your gifts within St. James and the wider community and ask yourself. “How can I faithfully share my talents?” Sharing your talents might mean singing in the choir or baking for a funeral reception, or telephoning and emailing to organize an event. Or it might mean lending your experience and wisdom to a committee of the church. Or helping to count the offering, distributing posters for a sale, or even to putting tables and chairs away after fellowship time.

All of us have money we can share. So consider what you have been given and ask yourself “How can I faithfully use my money to help others?” Sharing your money can be done in many ways. There are offering envelopes for cash and cheques, pre-authorized remittence, or even donating stocks and securities. The money goes to make sure St. James continues to be a place for children and families to worship and so we can reach into the community with the gospel message. Your offering can also go to the programs and activities here in Canada and around the world through the Mission and Service fund.

All of us have time, talents, and treasures which God has entrusted to us. When we offer and use those things in the service of God we learn how to be good and faithful stewards and we help spread the good news of Jesus Christ with the world.

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