Renovations are Underway

On July 8, 2013 renovations began on our church building. Under the direction of Archibald & Fraser architects, Dora Construction and the various sub contractors  are hard at work transforming our building into a versatile, accessible, energy efficient multi-purpose space which will allow us to better live out our mission as a church.

2013-07-23 09.51.19


A view from the parlour into the old kitchen. The new kitchen will be larger and a better layout which will make the various congregational hospitality functions, funeral receptions, community potlucks, and the Tuesday Hot Meal program better times for both those who are eating and those who are in the kitchen.





2013-07-23 10.53.40



The hallway looking where the stairs down into the hall used to be. The new hall is at the same level as the hallways and stage, eliminating the need for stairs and making the new hall warmer and more accessible.




2013-07-23 10.54.48


As well as improving accessibility the raised floor will also allow the existing windows in the hall to become effective means of natural lighting.