Renovations Update, September 2013

Now that it is early September the demolition work is finished.  All the old walls have been removed and new wiring, heating ducts, and plumbing is being installed and new walls  are put into place.



A view from the parlor into the new kitchen. The new kitchen is larger and as you can see from the picture has all new wiring as well as two pass ways for serving into the hall.





The hallway looking where the stairs ×down into the hall used to be. Everything is now on the same level and on the left is the framing for the new pantry.







The new hall is starting to take shape. The wiring for the new lights and speaker system is in place underneath the new ceiling which will soon be installed.  New windows are going to replace the ones in this picture and you can see the outlines of  the new storage rooms and space for the new door which will give privacy to this space.