Wedding Policy

Weddings at St. James United Church
The Church Council has set a wedding policy for the congregation which outlines expectations and  tries to answer common questions that couples have around weddings. Everyone who is interested in celebrating their wedding at St. James is asked to read over and agree with the policy.

We welcome you to our Church for your wedding. Please read the following carefully, so that this important occasion in your life can be approached without misunderstanding, and so you do not have to be anxious about what is expected of you as far as the Church is concerned.

Setting the Date: Weddings are normally booked after consultation with the minister. Dates are set on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Therefore it is important to contact the church well in advance of the date you have chosen so that the date and time can be confirmed.

Use of the Hall: If you would like to use the church hall for your reception it must be booked separately. Please note that the hall is a non-smoking and non-drinking area.

Marriage Preparation: It is Church Policy that some form of Marriage Preparation take place before the wedding. This may take place through a meeting or series of meetings with the minister. The wedding ceremony is a religious service as well as a happy family occasion. Rev. Smith has a selection of services, both traditional and contemporary, that may be used and adapted to your personal tastes. A minister who is a relative or close friend of the couple may officiate or assist only at the invitation of Rev. Smith who will ordinarily perform the ceremony.

The Organist: After initial consultation with the minister, the couple should consult with the organist to choose processional and recessional music to select appropriate music for the soloist and/or other music guests. If a guest organist is to play for the wedding, the guest organist is subject to prior approval. The fee for the organist is $100.00 which includes the rehearsal and service. Occasionally extra rehearsal time or meetings are necessary for soloists and when this occurs additional fees may be charged, depending on the number of extra rehearsals.

Clean-Up: The church will arrange for opening and preparing the church and doing any necessary clean-up of the church and surrounding area following the wedding.

The License: A license must be obtained from Province of Nova Scotia for every wedding. The licenses are available from Access Nova Scotia Centre on St. Andrew’s Street in Antigonish. Details on prices and required documentation is available online or by calling the Access Centre. We require the license at least one week before the date of the wedding. Please allow adequate time.

Bulletin: If you wish to have a bulletin for your service it is your responsibility to arrange to have them bought and printed. The minister can advise you on places to purchase your bulletins.

Flowers and Candles: Many couples wish to have a tasteful floral arrangement or special candles in the church for their wedding. It is your responsibility to make the arrangements and have these items delivered to the church at a time when the building is open. It is also your responsibility to remove any flowers or decorations from the church following the ceremony.

Photography: We realize that you will want pictures of your wedding to be a complete a record as possible of your special day. With this in mind pictures may be taken in the church as you enter and leave and may be posed for at the front of the Sanctuary following the service. Picture taking of any kind, even available lighting photography, is not permitted during the service, either by your guests or the photographer you have hired. It is the responsibility of your ushers to make sure that guests with cameras are informed of this policy and it is your responsibility to make sure that your photographer is also aware of this policy. Video taping can only take place in a fixed position.

Confetti: Guests at the wedding are to refrain from using confetti, rice, etc. on the church property since it causes difficulty in cleaning the church for other services.

Invitation to Reception: The minister and the organist understand that, according to wedding etiquette, their role is confined to the ceremony in the church. If you want them to attend your reception they should be invited in the same way you invite other guests.

Fees: Fees are to be paid in cash or a cheque payable to “St. James United Church.” Your license and fees must be brought to the church at least one week before your wedding.

Minister $150.00  Organist $100.00  Custodian $50.00 Total: $300.00

This policy was approved by the St. James Church Council on February 19, 2008 revised March 2009