Antigonish Gift Book

While most of us have enough to satisfy our basic needs, there are many in our community who do not. This Christmas (and indeed any time through the year) please think about gifting someone you love with a donation to a charity instead of giving them more “stuff”. One easy way to do this is to utilize the revised Antigonish Gift Book.

The Antigonish Gift Book is your guide to honouring someone with a gift to an organization dedicated to helping those in need. You can use it for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The Antigonish Gift Book is an initiative of the Social Justice Committee of St. James United Church. The Gift Book was first published in December 2010 and arose out of two discussions that were taking place at the Committee- the desire to support  local charitable organizations and the need to provide an alternative to the materialism that is prevalent around gift-giving at Christmas.

After a very positive launch in the first year and supportive feedback from the organizations highlighted the book was expanded in 2011 to include more organizations. The 2023 version of the Gift Book has been updated to include even more organizations and to confirm the contact information.

This effort is supported by:
St James United Church Social Justice Committee
The Sisters of St Martha
St Paul’s Anglican Church
The Antigonish Quaker Worship Group

Print Copies can be found in the Narthex at St. James and in Antigonish churches and organizations

An electronic copy of the gift book can be found here

in pdf format