August 29, 2021

August 29, 2021 – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Welcome and Announcements
Call to Worship (responsive)
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
With what shall we come before God this day?
With love and justice, with compassion and kindness.
With what shall we worship the Lord this day?
With humility and mercy, with faithfulness and love.
We come into God’s presence, not as perfect beings, but people of hope and blessing.
We come confessing that Jesus Christ is our Messiah and Lord.
Come, let us worship the Lord our God.
Alleluia! Thanks be to God!

Prayer of Approach (together):
Holy and eternal God, help us as we walk in faith, and guard us against the powers that would draw us away from your love. May our words and deeds bring life and faith to others, as we hold fast to the gift of faith. Be near us each and every day, and bless us with your light, that our days may be filled with grace. Lord, hear our prayer for we ask it in the holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Children’s story and Lord’s prayer.
Meditative Music


Responsive Reading: Psalm 45 (p. 769 VU)
My heart overflows with a noble theme,
I utter the song I have made for the king,
my tongue like the pen of a ready scribe.
You are the fairest, the most handsome;
God endows your speech with grace,
God has blessed you forever. R

Gird your sword on your thigh, O hero,
in splendour and majesty.
In your majesty ride on to conquer
in the cause of truth and justice.

Let your right hand teach by awesome deeds,
arrows sharp in the heart of royal enemies.
The nations shall fall at your feet,
Your divine throne endures forever.

Your royal sceptre is righteousness;
you love right and hate what is wrong.
Your God has anointed you
with more oil of gladness than all your peers.

All your garments are fragrant with myrrh, aloes and cassia.
Out of the ivory palaces stringed music makes you glad. R

Gospel Lesson: St. Matthew 16: 13 – 20
Sermon: “You Are The Christ, The Messiah”

Meditative Music
Prayer of the People
Commissioning and Benediction
Let us go in the peace of Christ.
Thanks be to God. Amen.


A warm welcome to everyone who is joining us for worship. May this be a time for you to draw closer to God. The services online are posted each week on our website ( and through social media ( )

This morning we are pleased to welcome the Rev. Doug Stewart to lead our service of worship. The Rev. Peter Smith is on holidays from August 7th until September 2nd. If there is a pastoral emergency during that time please contact the Rev. Doug Stewart at (902) 735-2102 or through the St. Martha’s Hospital Switchboard during the day (902) 867-4500.

Thanks to Amy Hendricks and Michèle Ashby for sharing their gifts of music with us this day.

The Church office is closed until September 7th. The voice mail, email and mail slot will be checked regularly while the office is closed.

Today is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. Established by United Nations Resolution 64/35 it calls for increasing awareness “about the effects of nuclear weapon test explosions or any other nuclear explosions and the need for their cessation as one of the means of achieving the goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world”. The impetus for the test ban was rising public anxiety over the magnitude of nuclear tests and the resulting fallout. A test ban was also seen as a means of slowing nuclear proliferation and the nuclear arms race.

Truth & Reconciliation – Call #76 Missing Children and Burial Information – We call upon the parties engaged in the work of documenting, maintaining, commemorating, and protecting residential school cemeteries to adopt strategies in accordance with the following principles: i) the Aboriginal community most affected shall lead the development of such strategies, ii) information shall be sought from residential school Survivors and other Knowledge Keepers in the development of such strategies, and iii) Aboriginal protocols shall be respected before any potentially invasive technical inspection and investigation of a cemetery site. To read all the calls and the complete Truth and Reconciliation Report please go to

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Scripture Readings for Next Sunday

Isaiah 35:4-7a • James 2:14-17 • Mark 7:24-37

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