Baptism and Confirmation

We are pleased to consider requests from parents, grandparents and guardians for the baptism of children.  Normally Rev. Smith meets with those interested in having children baptized to discuss the meaning and importance of baptism in our tradition as a celebration of God’s love and the action by which we commit ourselves to being part of God’s family.  Please call the church office for more information.

Adult Baptisms
We are pleased as well to consider the requests from adults to be baptized. While the meaning of baptism is the same no matter what age the person is, when individuals are baptized as adults they answer for themselves the promises of baptism and are made members of the church through their profession of faith. For those familiar with the Christian faith and the United Church the preparation for adult baptism normally is a series of meetings with Rev. Smith or attendance at a Confirmation class.

Confirmation (Reaffirmation of Baptismal Faith)
When those baptized as children reach the age to decide for themselves the questions of faith they are invited to come before the church to own for themselves the promises made for them as children. The Confirmation process usually involves classes where issues of faith are discussed and explored. These groups usually run in the the spring. Please contact the church office for more information.

Transfer of Membership
We welcome members from other United Church congregations who are living and worshiping among us into the membership of the congregation through transfer of membership. Members from other Christian churches are also often received into our fellowship in this way. Again please contact Rev. Smith or the church office for more information.

Profession of Faith
For different reasons, sometimes it is not possible to receive a member of another church into our membership through a transfer. At those times individuals are invited to make a profession of faith during the Sunday service as a public witness to their beliefs and desire to be a member of our congregation.  Rev. Smith or the church office can advise those interested in becoming members in this way.