Children’s Corner For June 6, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and had a great week back in school. The children’s story this week is found within the larger worship service which is found on the main page starting at 7:53. (You can click here to start the video at the children’s time).

Today we are remembering the story of when Jesus told the disciples that his family were everyone who listened and followed God’s way. Jesus didn’t mean that Mary wasn’t his mother or Joseph is step-father or he didn’t have any other family members but that as God’s people we open our hearts to each other and treat each other like we are family.

So this week there is a craft which reminds us of how big our family is when we follow Jesus.

Family of Faith Craft

  1. Get a sheet of paper.
  2. Draw a tree trunk on the paper and some big branches
  3. Draw leaves with the names of people in your family (household) and then add leaves for your extended family. If you like you can cut out pieces of paper for the leaves and add the names to them and paste them onto the branches.
  4. Add in other people who are friends and part of the church.
  5. When you are finished have a look at your family of faith tree. Did you ever think it would be so big?

Remember too to be patient and kind to each other and I hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy the nice warm weather!

Take Care and Stay Well,

Rev. Peter