Children’s Corner For May 16, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and are finding some time to spend outdoors as the weather gets warmer.

The children’s story this week is found within the larger worship service which is found on the main page starting at 5:10. (You can click here to start the video at the children’s time).

Today we are remembering the story of when Jesus left the disciples to return to heaven. Before he leaves he lets them know that they are the witnesses who will continue to tell the story of faith and be God’s people.

So this week there is a craft which reminds us that we are following in Jesus and telling about God’s love and promise to all of us.

Following Jesus Craft

  1. Get a sheet of paper and a crayon or pencil and trace your foot. That reminds us that we are following Jesus
  2. Write those words somewhere on the paper “I Follow Jesus”
  3. Fill the paper inside and outside of the footprint with pictures and drawings of things you do when you follow Jesus. For those who aren’t as comfortable drawing words are okay around the footprint too! Don’t forget to make it colourful and be creative!

Remember too to be patient and kind to each other, and to help out as we continue to stay at our homes to keep everyone safe.

Take Care and Stay Well,

Rev. Peter