Children’s Corner for May 30, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and are excited for school to start again this week!

The children’s story this week is found within the larger worship service which is found on the main page starting at 5:01. (You can click here to start the video at the children’s time).

Today the gospel lesson which is read in church is about Jesus speaking with Nicodemus about the Holy Spirit working in the world and .the need to be born again.

May has sent along a wonderful origami craft this week to help us think about being changed by God into something new and unexpected. So click on the link, have fun folding the paper, and think about how God makes us new (transforms us) in this work through love and grace.

Origami Butterfly Guides transformation, born again while alive.  (Caterpillars change into butterflies as they grow)

Origami .Frog guide, being transformed into something new. (Tadpoles turn into frogs as they grow)

Remember too to be patient and kind to each other, and to help out as we continue to stay at our homes to keep everyone safe.

Take Care and Stay Well,

Rev. Peter