June 21, 2020 Third Sunday After Pentecost

Hi Everyone,

This Sunday we would normally be finished up Sunday School but this year we’re going to keep going with videos and crafts throughout the summer. We’re going to be looking at the Psalms all summer and using them to help us learn about God and about how to follow Jesus.

There is a craft suggestion from Bronwen which we’re going to add to each week so that the end of the summer we will have reminders of everything we have learned!

There is also word search below that has some of the words and phrases from this week’s psalm. See if you can find them all!

At the bottom is a link to last week’s Children’s Worship Page and a link to more activities which our storytellers and doorkeepers have offered as ways to help in these long days.

Take Care and Stay Well,

Rev. Peter



This week we’re looking at Psalm 86:1-10, 16-17 our highlighted verse is

In the day of my trouble I call on you, for you will answer me. Psalm 86:7

Over the coming summer weeks we are going to work together to create a mobile that represents ways that God responds to us and the ways that we respond to God.  Each of the pieces of the mobile will remind us of a Psalm that Rev Peter will refer to.  By the end of the summer you will have a very special creation to hang in your house, or to give to someone you love, to help us all reflect on our relationship with God.

Constructing the Mobile
So, lets start by creating the frame of the mobile.  In your home find something you can use to make a hoop-shaped structure.  You may have an old wire coat hanger that you can bend into the shape of a circle.  Perhaps you have an old wooden embroidery hoop.  You may have a strong piece of card board that you can cut and bend into a circle.  Or, you may find some flexible sticks that you can tie together to make a hoop.  You may choose to decorate your frame–wrap the wire in ribbon, colour or paint your card board, paint your sticks.  Its up to you to be as creative as you like!
Next, attach 12 strings to your mobile frame.  Eight of these strings will be long, representing how God responds to us.  Four of these strings will be shorter, representing how we respond to God.  And finally, attach the strings to your hoop so that you can hang your mobile somewhere in your house where you will build on it and reflect on it over the next 11 weeks.

Our First Craft for the Mobile: God Listens
Our first craft for the mobile helps us to reflect on how God listens.  One way that we can talk to God is through prayer.  To remind us that God listens, create a prayer hand.  With some card stock or construction paper, trace an outline of your hand and then cut it out.  On each finger write a reminder of some things you can pray about:

Thumb:  those closest to you–for example, pray for your family, your friends
Pointer finger:  those who point you in the right direction–for example, pray for your teachers, your minister, your doctors and nurses so that they can have wisdom and feel supported
Middle finger (tallest):  those who lead us–for example, pray for wisdom and guidance for our government so they can make the best decisions
Ring finger (weakest):  those who need help, those who are hurting, those who need us to lift them up–for example, pray for someone who is sick or feeling very sad
Pinkie (smallest):  pray for yourself
Decorate the other side of your cardboard hand and then attach your prayer hand to the first long string of your mobile.

Like Word Searches?

Here is a word search with some of the key words from our psalm this week…can you find them all?

Word Search for Psalm 86


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