Reading Scripture

Audio Recordings

Thanks for agreeing to read scripture for our online services.

On an Iphone/Ipad

Find the Voice Memos app which should be installed on your ipad/iphone. If it isn’t then it is available in the appstore.

Open it up and tap the red circle at the bottom to begin recording. Read clearly and steadily. Tap thesame place at the botton to stop recording (it may look like a pause button).

You can touch the name and change it from the list on the left.

Find the three blue dots under the recording and click to share it via email or other message app.

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On an Android Phone:
On a Samsung phone you may have an app called “Voice Recorder”
(It’s by Samsung and you can install it from the Play Store if it isn’t on your phone.)

The app is easy to use. Just press the red button, read, and then hit the red button again to save it (your can call it whatever you want or leave the default name).

Click the file once and it will play so you can hear how you did. If you like it then send it and if you don’t you can simply delete it (press and hold and the option will come up at the bottom to delete) and record again. If you get to the main screen for some reason simply press “List” at the top right and that will take you back to saved recordings.

When you are happy with it you just press and hold on the recording until there is a checkmark beside it and then go to the bottom and hit share. Then choose your email program and it will come up and you can send it back to me.

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On a Windows 10 device

Hit the Windows start button in the lower right hand corner to bring up the menu.

Type “Voice Recorder”

Click on “Voice Recorder” App selection

Use the blue microphone button in the left to start and stop your recording (you need a built in microphone or one plugged into your computer).

Click the Blue button in the center of the screen when you are finished recording.

Click on the file name and click the first button on the bottom (“share”) to send the file.

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In Facebook Messenger App (Android, Iphone see link for more)

Open the app

find the person you are sending it to.

Click on the microphone along the bottom to record. It sends to the person when you are finished.

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